Guidelines for a Wedding at WUMC

A wedding is a sacred occasion uniting two of God’s children in marriage. Because you have chosen our church for this important worship service, we anticipate your membership in our family of faith. We look forward to greeting you on Sunday mornings at one of our worship services.

We rejoice with you on the occasion of your wedding and want to help you plan the ceremony so that it may be a joyous worship celebration for all those sharing it with you.


1. Come to a Sunday morning worship service to confirm your wish for your ceremony here. Introduce yourself to the pastors. New member classes are held periodically.

2. Contact the office to arrange for an appointment with a pastor to discuss your marriage plans well in advance of the wedding date. He/she will want to discuss your planning for your marriage as well as for the wedding itself. Pastoral counseling is required for all couples being married at Woodridge United Methodist Church.

3. Confirm the wedding date with our church office and the pastor before announcing the date or sending invitations. This should be done four months before the wedding.

4. Arrange the time of your wedding rehearsal with the pastor and inform all members of the wedding party. Parents of the bride and groom should be present. The rehearsal is usually held the evening before the wedding and enables all to decrease nervousness and focus on the ceremony. The rehearsal will take 40-60 minutes if all are prompt. No alcoholic beverages are allowed in the church building or on the church grounds. No smoking is allowed inside the church building.

5. Secure your marriage license from the DuPage County Clerk at 421 County Farm Road in Wheaton, (630-682-7035). Because the regulations about blood tests and marriage licenses change frequently, you are advised to communicate directly with the Bureau.

6. Our Music Director will play the organ for weddings in our church. The couple should consult the pastor and then the organist in advance regarding the music to be played. The organist will be able to suggest appropriate selections. If you choose any vocal selections in connection with the ceremony, please make arrangements with the soloist. Ask the soloist to arrange with the organist for their rehearsal. The use of a soloist is optional, and any fee is to be arranged by the couple and the soloist.

7. The marriage service is a worship service. As in any worship service, the music is to be chosen with care. In the marriage service, the assembled people join with the couple in asking for God’s blessing as a new family is established. The music should lift up the reverence of the service. The words and the music should include such themes as: asking God’s blessing upon the marriage; thanksgiving to God for God’s love offered to all persons, especially the couple; and the anticipation for the joys present in a Christian home. Please speak with the pastor about special selections you are choosing.

8. The couple will make their own arrangements with their florist for the purchase of flowers for the bridal party and the church. A single centerpiece for use on the altar is appropriate. Any other baskets of flowers or greens on wood stands are an option of the couple, but are not necessary. We must know the florist’s delivery time. Please inform the pastor or the church office if you wish to offer your altar flowers for the use in the worship services the following day.

9. Candles for the candelabras are optional for an additional fee. If a unity candle is desired, candles and a holder are the responsibility of the couple.

10. Wedding receptions may be held at the church, but an outside caterer should be enlisted to handle the food for the reception. Charges will be determined by the Board of Trustees upon receiving the building request. Remember that no alcoholic beverages are to be served at a reception or in the church building. Smoking is not permitted in the building.

11. If desired, wedding bulletins containing the order of service and the names of the participants may be prepared through the church office. Bulletin covers and information must be into the church office two weeks in advance of the wedding date.

12. Flash photography is not permitted during the worship service.

13. Discreet videography is permitted.

Wedding Services Available at Woodridge UMC

Clergy (At least two (2) pre-marital counseling sessions are included.)



Custodian With reception at WUMC

Bulletin (If done by WUMC)

Candles for Candelabras (optional)

Non-members will pay an additional fee for using the church.  Present payment of all fees and marriage license at the time of rehearsal or the last counseling session. Checks can be given to the pastor and he/she will distribute.


Find the Wedding Ceremony form here.