Each month, Woodridge UMC's Outreach Committee designates an organization, Cministry, or mission (or two) to be the recipient of our monthly Outreach Offering.


July 2018 Outreach Offering


Center for Changing Lives

Too often resource and economic opportunity limit peoples’ choices and the capacity to achieve their vision and goals.

Center for Changing Lives (CCL) partners with people in need in order to uncover possibilities, overcome barriers, and realize their potential. CCL’s work includes: 1) Coaching on financial, employment and resource mobilization goals. 2) Training and skill enhancement opportunities. 3) Advocacy and organizing on economic policy and practices that open up opportunities and resources.

Over the last three years, CCL has served over 1,170 households. At entry:
 82% had income that qualified them as living below the Federal Poverty Line
 77% were unemployed
 60% lived in the Logan Square area
 59% were Latinos
 50% were experiencing homelessness

CCL’s programs focus on building community in which resource is shared and exchanged in radical ways that build social support systems where needed. It can foster relationships that last from homelessness to homeownership. Its services are both shelter-based and community-based and focused on economic opportunity. It is at the forefront of utilizing coaching and financial capability services to prevent and end homelessness.

Not sure how to give to the monthly Outreach offering? 
There are 3 ways to give.
  1. If you pay by check, simply write "[month] Outreach" on the notes line at the bottom of the check. Put your cash or check in the pink envelopes marked “Outreach Offering” in the pews and write your information on the envelope.
  2. If you have automatic withdrawal for your church commitment, you can have your monthly Outreach donation added to this process. Click here to sign-up.
  3. If you are interested in automatic withdrawal, simply print this form, complete it, and return to the church office. You can also obtain the EFT authorization form from the office.    
Your generosity is greatly appreciated!


Support UMC missions and ministries through prayer

Additionally, each month the Outreach Committee requests prayers for a United Methodist missionary and a church with whom we have a relationship:


February 2018


March 2018


April 2018

  • Mbwizu & Rev. Nkemba Ndjung, UMC missionaries to Cameroon
  • Bantacan UMC, Philippines, home church of the Agustin family


May 2018

  • Jane and Larry Kies, UMC missionaries to Zimbabwe
  • Bonfal UMC,Philippines, home church of the Viernes family


June 2018


July 2018

  • Rebecca  & Mark Smallwood, UMC Associates in Mission at Red Bird Mission, Kentucky
  • Paniqui UMC and Carino UMC, Philippines, home churches of the Lamorena family


August 2018

  • Betty Tshala, UMC missionaries to Zambia
  • Brookes Point UMC, Philippines, Jane Borgehammer's family is from Brooke's Point


September 2018


October 2018


November 2018

  • Samuel Bruce, volunteer to the Methodist Church of Ghana
  • North Fairview UMC, Philippines, home church of the Tolentino family


December 2018

  • Clara Midrula Biswas, UMC missionary to Cambodia
  • Victoria UMC, Philippines, church and school near where Elsie Munar grew up